What costs are involved in the water softening process?

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When buying a water softener, there are additional costs that come after its installation. The costs are mainly operational. The two main expenses are purchasing salt and servicing the unit.

What amount of salt do I need to purchase?

Ion exchange softeners require salt pellets to execute their filtration function. The salt pellets are either potassium chloride or sodium chloride. The salt is then placed in an adjacent brine tank that rests next to the water softener. The amount of salt required for purchase each month depends on water hardness and the quantity your household consumes. The standard amount of salt pellets required for a typical family of four is 7 to 10 grains for every gallon. On average, you will be using 10 pounds of salt per week. This is roughly 40 pounds a month. A 40-pound bag of salt has a cost range of $5 to $25. The price difference varies according to brand, salt purity and the location it was purchased.

If you notice that your water softener consumes more than a bag a month, call a professional to check out its regeneration schedule. The softeners with a control valve automatically calculate the scheduled time to initiate regeneration. Nevertheless, you have to keep a regular eye on the salt in the brine tank. There should never be a case of water rising above the salt pellets present in the brine tank. If you notice this, add more salt into the brine tank.

The regeneration process

water softening processThe frequency of regeneration in water softeners are controlled by the water softener valves. The hard minerals are cleaned off the resin bed, while the softened water drains away. Once the hard minerals in water come into contact with resin, the resin gets attracted to the hard minerals and holds on. Once the minerals making water hard are filtered out and captured on the resin, the water can then be considered as soft. After a while, the resin hardens and needs to be cleaned. At this point, backwashing is required to make it capable of softening water again. Depending on how much water is used at your home, the regeneration cycle is repeated weekly. There are different models of softeners. There are that have a clock that sets the system to regenerate after a certain number of days. Others have a valve that track the water being used and can automatically send the softener into regeneration mode.

How frequent should the softener be serviced?

To ensure that the softeners are functioning efficiently, I recommend inspection by the water treatment professionals every year. The specialists will consider the changes within your household since the last time you contacted your kids.

When contacting the water treatment specialists ensure they check whether the valves are functioning properly. They check whether the inner settings are optimized and carry out water tests to ensure that water softening system function correctly. Finally, they should clean the resins and sanitize the brine tank.

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For a fact, this year’s softener brands operate differently from those a decade ago. However, they operate on the same principle. The water softeners you opt for must be of high quality and carry a strong warranty. Any other questions on salt consumption, look for reliable