The poster frame system: clip frames


A clip frame seems like an obvious object till you are asked to give a brief description of what it is and how it works. Most companies boast how the clip frame remains the best innovation since the poster signs. However, few go further to explain how exactly. There is a wide range of technological applications that go into making this style of picture frames. The clip frames are sometimes referred to as poster grippers. The A4 snap and clip frames, design, and advantage are briefly explained.

Material used

A good number of the clip frames begin in the same way, in parts. The parts comprise of four frame profiles, a backing, lens and flat springs. The back can be fabricated with several substances most of which are crafted with plastic. Plastic gives the poster frame sore versatility during placement. The snap frames can be mounted on your wall or on table stands with display foots. When it comes to the four frames, there needs to be more uniformity. Most companies manufacture clip frames with plastic or other lightweight metals. Other distributors sell wooden frame selections which have not been received equally well in the mainstream market.

There are aluminum clip frames; with either silver or black anodized finishing. Both styles of their poster gripper feature a slim design and matte finish. The profiles will connect to a plastic corner/round edge. There are flat springs that connect the profiles to the backing. The metallic components are important for durability and ensure a sturdy grip. The final part of your snap is the non-glare lens. This part remains essential when creating advertisements which are visible to the general public, glass, and plastic which are highly common for the lens. Another essential component of having poster grippers are the plastic lenses. The type of snap frame used should not create about visibility challenges when glare strikes it. As soon as the lens is applied onto your frame it relays a fully functional display.



The snap frame comprises of eight springs (on the long profile three while two on the short). They function as hinges when opening and closing the frame. Despite all four profile being connected to its plastic backing, the springs produce snaps that deliver a firm grip to your poster. Without having metal springs the snap frame will flop and mistakenly open. The modern poster gripping designs heavily rely on these springs.

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So how does it work?

Like most products, users want to use it immediately after purchase. Poster frames are simple to use. However, the snap and clip frames will save you a great deal of time loading messages. One would be surprised by the ease of adjusting poster gripper frames. The snap frame is used on the front for display and can change and adjust your posters without being removed from the wall. Once you open your entire poster frame, remove the lens atop its snap frame. Load your desired poster on its respective poster frame. After formatting, your announcement, place the photo and poster into a suitable frame. Then close the poster gripper profiles. Schools, banks, restaurants, and trade shows love the poster frame systems as you can make quick changes.