Guide on Picking the Best Wholesale Provider for Your Vape Shop

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Securing the supply chain is essential for any successful business. As a newcomer into the business, it will be one hell of a challenge. A decade ago, few wholesalers were operating in the market. Today, the number exceeds the hundreds.

Where Should I Order My Vaping Products From?

When ordering your products, you must decide whether to source domestically or offshore. Ordering off-shore might seem attractive in the beginning, but this comes with its considerations. On the upside, the product prices are low, there is instant access to new products, and the access is spread among a wide variety of products. On the downside, expect longer lead times, no protection from fraudsters, time zone discrepancies, and expensive warranty concerns.

Ordering your product from South East Asia will not make sense unless you are doing huge volumes. Expensive shipping costs usually consume the savings made from direct orders. Until you begin ordering huge amounts, the real benefits do not kick in.

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Benefits of Ordering Vape Product Domestically

Less time is spent on shipping meaning faster product delivery. Proximity to supply chain allows customization and customer service. The business hours will be maintained to reflect your personal opinion. On the downside, domestic wholesalers have limited product varieties.

The cool items run out of stock in minutes. The pricing is quite higher too. The fast shipping and turnaround translate into less stagnant inventory freeing up cash for other vital business sectors. If the product purchased has some issues, you can return it for replacement.

What to Look for in a Wholesale Company

No single company will have all the solutions, but you can carefully select one that delivers on most of the requirements. Here are some criteria to look at when making your selections:


Take time to identify a wholesale company running in the same location. The closer the entity the better. Running out of a product can seriously affect your performance and reputation as a reliable brand.


Unless you intend to fill your shop with single brands products, you must shop around. Just like vaping shops, wholesale companies have their manufacturing preferences. At this point, you must align your company with brands that display larger selections.

Shipment Policy

Most domestic vaping producers offer free shipping. This is something you can take advantage of quite easily. Free shipping offered above a given amount so as to make the service financially viable for the manufacturer. Expect a company offering free two-day shipping to charge more on some products.


In many cases, purchase considerations are solely based on price and shipping time. The importance of RMA is key and should not be overlooked. Review the company’s Return merchandise authorization policy and ensure it works fine before getting into a business engagement with any wholesaler. Some companies do not take responsibility for the back shipping costs, while others offer a short window before items are deemed fit for returning.

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Take time to conduct due diligence that involves calling the representatives and relaying all pressing concerns. As the old adage goes, better late than never.