Potty Training Basics

smiling baby boy

Potty training is a different journey to every child and parent. Most parents eagerly anticipate potty training for it is a milestone in their child’s development. In potty training, some children may learn how to potty train very fast while others may take a while to do so. It essential for a parent to be prepared for this experience and how long it may take. There are many tools available to assist parents in preparing for potty training. One of this is potty training in 3 days carol cline. Likewise, below are some potty training basics.

Potty Training

Is the child readybaby

There is no perfect time to start potty training. Some children will start as early as 18 months to show readiness and interest in using the potty while other may show interest as late as 3 years. Though many parents may begin training their child at two and a half years old. It is important to begin potty training when there are no significant changes or disruptions in your child’s or family life and routine. For instance, if there is a change is a caregiver, a home remodeling that is taking place or the parent undergoing a significant change, it may not be the best time to begin.

Some signs to look out that show the child is ready for potty training are:
• the child can follow simple instructions
• The child can sit down and walk
• The child can tell or shows signs of when he poos or wees
• The child may also dislike the feel of wearing a soiled or wet diaper
• The child can pull their pants down and up to put them on or take them off

Furthermore, plan to begin the potty training when you as a parent or the primary caregiver are available to be present, devote time and patience to see the process through.

Picking the right equipment

It is important to select and purchase the right equipment for your child. The equipment should be the proper size for your child to use. A parent may decide to buy a full potty seat that can be placed on the floor, or they can buy a potty seat that is placed on top of the adult toilet.


The parent needs to set up a schedule and routine when to take the child to the potty. It could be after breakfast of meals, maybe before a bath, before naps or after a few hours for instance after every 2 hours. This is to help the child familiarize themselves with the potty and to become comfortable using it. The key is to have a routine for times in the day that the child uses the potty.


crawling baby illustration The next step is to show the child how to use the potty. Tell the child to remove their pants, then underwear and sit on the potty for a few minutes. Praise them and encourage them when they do successfully potty.

Remember sometimes the child may have an accident and be a bit mess. Be gracious during this times and encourage your child to keep on using the potty.